About us

Who we are

Launched in 2006, B-Com Event Technologies has rapidly been adopted by event organizers around the world thanks to its innovative features and visionary conception of modern IT for events.

With 4 major releases driven by our clients' needs, our solution approaches every pitfalls of event planning and brings supports for an efficient and standardized community management. We are proud to bring the Swiss quality to the event IT world, and to have come up with a highly reliable global enterprise system.

Thanks to our very consultative approach, we work hand-in-hand with our clients on how to answer their complex and ever-changing needs. B-Com is aim to release them from the pressure and constantly expanding workload. Our unlimited support for the trained users worldwide comes along with our technology, and it’s a fact to say that we build long term partnerships with our clients.

We are attached to strong value of engineering quality that we aim to bring to the event planning industry. Being part of the PSideo company, based in Geneva, and having a sister company specialized in IT infrastructure, we are excellent at providing both Software and Hardware to our clients, while taking care of the necessary integration.

  • Solution used by our clients to organize events worldwide.
  • Millions of delegates and community members managed per year.

Acting as a strategic partner


When dealing with technologies, people matter, and this is where we make a whole difference with our competitors. We take a very unique approach to the event and meeting planning technology industry, and we don't seek to commercialize massively our platform, but to develop a long term relationship with our clients, understand their needs and objectives, and help them deliver great events. 



We take part of every steps of our client's process in adopting a new technology, and consider that buying a platform like ours is a long term investment that will increase productivity along the years of usage from our clients.

Purchasing a new technology like an event software is an important decision that requires time and information gathering, as well as an analysis of your internal processes and clearly defined goals. It requires training your users to a new tool. As a result, we bring our expertise to accompany our client in their transition to a new technology.

Our deep engagement to our clients is materialized by our unlimited support to our users,  frequent updates and releases available, and a very consultative approach where we take the time to understand how our solution fits your processes and profile, while bringing our expertise to accompany you optimally in the implementation, customization and use of our product.