Powerful feature of B-Com, the online program displays online dynamic views of your event program and content.

Publication of an interactive and dynamic program of your event in different views is a few clicks away with B-Com Online Program (OLP). You can display your sessions and activities in various views and make related content such as abstract available by a simple click on the session of interest.

The online program enables

  • A friendly experience to users
  • Efficiency to abstract and program managers
  • Information that is always up-to-date

Publish your interactive program online

With B-Com Online Program (OLP), attendees discover and browse the event program in the various proposed views and languages, search sessions or activities of interest, view sessions’ abstracts, and eventually build their own personal schedule.

Once you have defined your sessions' actors, location, time, category and topic, B-Com online program takes care of displaying it in various views for your participants' convenience. A deep search functionality is available to display all sessions and activity related to a keyword.

The Online Program’s integration with B-Com session’s content (abstract) management and Mobile App Factory allows to always display the latest version of your program to your participants.

Did you know?

With B-Com, the program is automatically published on your Event Mobile App, without having to go through any data export. Updates are automatic, ensuring your event program is always up-to-date in your delegates' palm.

Deep search & display filters

B-Com online program allows filtering the program with the various options available, so that only the content of interest is displayed to the reader.

The unique deep search function allows searching anything related to a keyword within several layers of information (sessions, topics, the content of sessions, abstracts, speakers, meeting rooms...). As an example, the keyword lipoprotein and the first letters of a speaker’s name “Stroes...” will retrieve all presentations, sessions and even abstracts in which the keywords are found.
The keywords are searched not only in the titles but also in the content of abstracts linked to the sessions.

Program management and publication online

There is no need to involve technical staff or to use third party software to create and manage the conference program, publish it on the event website, and on the mobile application. OLP is easy to set-up!

B-Com provides a complete session model; including description, allotment, location, and time. Sessions can be imported from an excel spread sheet, and then optionally synchronized with abstracts and authors to build a full conference program.

Once the sessions are set-up, it takes just one click to generate the full program online and publish it on the event website. Sessions are categorized by type and topics, and are allocated colors and / or icons to help users identify quickly their sessions of interest. Delegates browse the event program in the various proposed views (calendar, list or timeline) or language.



Improve clarity with several program views

It is possible to generate as many online programs as necessary if the complexity of the event programs requires it. For instance, it is possible to have an online program for posters only, for industry sponsored sessions only, for several learning tracks, or for a category of participants only.

There is an unlimited number of topics, categories, sessions, or sub-sessions that can be configured. B-Com has impressive track records of managing complex online program (over 2000 sessions, 100 topics, 800 speakers, learning tracks...). B-Com online program also adapts very well to event programs with only a few sessions and activities.


Use case of the online program

The Online Program feature is meant to fit all kind of programs, whether it is a complex program with a large amount of different sessions and topics or a range of shorter sessions dedicated to several types of participants.

As an example: Keaton is a program manager for a scientific congress. This year, in collaboration with some of the congress sponsors, he is setting up a networking and research update day for the speakers and selected scientists who will be present.
While the 3 day congress program is public to all delegates, B-Com enables him to build a specific program, "the science & discovery exchange day" that will be only accessible from the selected delegates.
As the congress also attracts a number of medical students as well, he organizes two conferences "meet the researchers" that will only be displayed for student participants and researchers. B-Com enables him to personalize on a large scale what information is available to who.

Personal agenda builder

With B-Com Online Program (OLP), attendees can build their own personal schedule (to be printed) and/ or export it in most calendar applications (Outlook® messaging software, Lotus Notes®, Service Agenda Google CalendarTM 1...).

Attendees may wish to modify their personal schedule over time, and until the very last minute during the event. B-Com online program enables attendees to save their personal schedule and retrieve it later with their B-Com username and password.

With B-Com online program, event organizers offer a valuable service to their delegates not only online on the event website, but also onsite by proposing self-service kiosks where attendees can print their personal schedule upon arrival at the conference center.
Personal schedules are branded to the needs of the event, and offer new sponsorship opportunities. It can be exported in various formats with a choice of options in addition to the list of sessions chosen: - Table of content - Calendar overview - abstracts - notes taking boxes
Delegates are notified of scheduling conflicts when building their personal schedule. They nevertheless have the choice to keep conflicting sessions in their schedule if they wish to decide which one they will attend at a later stage.

As event programs may change until the very last moment, attendees are notified of changes when connecting to their personal schedule. They can thus simply decide if they still want to attend the rescheduled sessions or not. Attendees own scheduling gains visual overview, flexibility and control