Communication tools

Get closer to your audience, anywhere and any time. with personalized and automated communications.

Communicate efficiently with your audience


B-Com provides web-based and back-office tools to communicate efficiently with your events delegates, no matter if your are having 20 or 8'000 participants.

Whether you decide to communicate through emails, traditional letters, web portal messages, feeds or mobile push notifications, you can easily reach your targets and send specific messages to them.

Communication wizards on the back-office and online


Targeted & personalised mass messaging


B-Com offers some of the most advanced communication capabilities available on the market, making it easy to send targeted and extremely personalised messages to large audiences.

Setting up your communication in a friendly way starts with the integration of B-Com with Microsoft Word as a plugin and the use of dynamic fields based on your event set-up.

You create templates for each of your delegates profile and specificities, and link them to each step of your delegates' registration and attendance process. 

You thus benefit from automated messages based on specific triggers, and can complete this communication manually by merge mailing the participants of your choice for specific matters.


The advanced message edition is available online and in the back-office to efficiently reach the stakeholders of your choice.


Use cases of communicating with B-Com

Use Case 1

Sarah has set-up an automated communication plan that includes templates for different profiles:
- Press visitors,
- Exhibitors (2 types: event technology and venue providers),
- Delegates (Students, Association members, and Others),

She has translated every template in English, Italian, French, and German versions.

She has defined templates for the different steps of the registration process, such as: registration confirmation, payment request, payment confirmation, personal space access, and so on.

When registration starts, all stakeholders will receive the right message, at the right moment of the process, in the right language. And this is all automated.

Use case 2

Sarah has received an offer from the event's partnering association, the Event Tech Association, to give off one year membership with a 70% discount to all registered participants who are either students or less than 25 years old. She will be responsible for the promotion of this offer.

With the help of the communication wizard, she rapidly filters the participants to her profile target, and then accesses the rich-content edition wizard, where she is able to really personalize the message thanks to the use of dynamic fields.

She is then asked to validate the summary information on the message and the target list, and sends the merge mail.

Time of the operation: 5 minutes.

Mobile communication


Thanks to the event mobile app, you can easily send feeds and push notifications to your event attendees or community members from the back-office, so that your they are always informed of the latest news.

The advanced system of classification and delegate profiles enables to target the notifications so that only a certain kind of delegates receive them.

As an example, you might want to inform the speakers of your event that their travel documents are ready to pick-up or download by sending them a mobile feed.