Delegates' finance management

Manage your delegates' financial balance


 B-Com powerful financial and invoicing functionalities allow automatic invoice generation and handling with full support of multiples currencies, multiple VAT, and multiple accounts in which revenues can be distributed.

Professional meeting planning agencies are thus able to differentiate their clients revenues against their own revenues.
Groups and their members are financially differentiated, providing great perspectives of usage (cf. use case)

Thanks to a comprehensive and intuitive interface, meeting planners can review the financial situation of each stakeholder or in bulk, and can easily settle down cases .

Multiple invoices related to different services (membership, registration, hotel...) with their corresponding pricing, currency, VAT or cancellation fees can be issued automatically or manually. Realised revenues are ported in the event's financial results and compared to the budget in real-time.


B-Com manages automatically the cancellation fees applied when an activity is cancelled (online or offline). Cancellation fees and deadlines are customized for each activity, for a group of activities or for the entire event. When applicable, credit notes are generated automatically, and refunds can be performed online, given the participant’s credit card details are available (encrypted in B-Com)


The key strengths of B-Com Finance Management

In B-Com, the financial responsibility of services is multiple:

  • An individual who registers for himself is financially responsible for his activities
  • A group leader who registers a group of participants is financially responsible for the group
  • A group member who is sponsored by a group can add activities for which he is financially responsible (additional hotel nights for instance)

B-Com accepts online and offline payment options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Check
  • Credit card/debit card (online 3D secure)
  • Cash (for onsite registrations)
  • Credit card guarantee

B-Com offers different ways of invoicing:

  • Single (one invoice with all services)
  • Multiple (several invoices for different services)
  • Invoice with legal entity breakdown (some services are charged on behalf of the client or a supplier)


B-Com allows managing multiple VAT rates

  • On several services
  • On the same service





Let stakeholders manage their attendance




Use case: Differentiating payers

J, Cordier is a speaker invited to the Event Technology Summit. His financial situation is complex as his charges are taken in charge by 3 different stakeholders.

The organizing committee 
The organizing committee is taking in charge his transportation, accommodation, directly purchased.
Once the event ends. J. Cordier is invited to fill up a form to get his food and taxi expenses reimbursed, limited to an amount of 250 CHF per day.

The event sponsor
One of the event sponsors has invited J. Cordier to attend the networking drinks organized on a boat on the lake Leman, and is paying for his participation as well as transportation back to his hotel.

The speaker himself
J. Cordier has decided to take his wife with him, he has thus requested a bigger room and will stay there 2 more days in order to visit Geneva with his wife. He will be paying for the extra days and the upgrade.


B-Com handles this situation smoothly, by differentiating what costs is taken in charge by which stakeholder.

Implementing different behaviors & business Logics based on means of payment

Jonathan C. is registering as a participant and pays his registration fee by credit card on the event registration portal. As the secured payment is directly validated by the bank, he receives within a few minutes an email with his badge, invoice, visa letter, and credentials to access his account.

Jeremy B. is booking a booth on the interactive floorplan of the exhibitor registration portal. As the amount is quite important and he does not have a company credit card, he choses the bank transfer payment.
- An invoice is directly sent to him with the bank information to proceed to the payment.
- 3 days after, he receives a reminder letting him know that the booth reservation will expire within 5 days if no payment has been received.
- After processing to the payment, Jeremy B. receives a confirmation email with his booth number and access to his exhibiting community portal.