Promote your communities and events with advanced communication tools


Advanced invitation Management


Invitation is a great way to increase your event attendance efficiently. B-Com integrates invitation management as a core and advanced feature, so that it is easy for event planners, group leaders to invite others to attend an event or a session.


How we are different:

  • Highly customizable invitation templates & processes
  • Available to any 3rd parties (exhibitors, guest, press, etc.)


  • Unlimited number of invitees profiles for a targeted invitation and registration experience
  • Advanced invitation tracking

B-Com provides a flexible invitation features allowing meeting planners to invite delegates and community users whether they are known in advance or not.

Invitations are nominative or sent to a community with an access code. for a custom experience. Invitees’ profile and bookings can be populated into B-Com prior to sending the invitations.
Overview of the participant's screen after being invited



B-Com invitation management wizard supports various sources such as an Excel file, participants from another event or existing contacts from the common database or an external CRM.

Invitation management is also available on dedicated community portals for group leaders and community managers, so you can enable exhibitors, sponsors or any type of group to manage their own invitations to the event. 

All communication with delegates is tracked in the same way the invitations are, so that event organizers can easily monitor the communication progress.

After a personalized initial registration triggered by invitation, communication with delegates can be easily managed thanks to a communication wizard, enabling to:
• Check registration information 
• Filter targeted audience 
• Gather additional information through custom questionnaires
• Add or modify activities reservations & services
• Upload & Download documents 
• And much more...

The online service attribution and invitation wizards ease the management of invited participants.

Social invitation


With the deep integration of social networks with B-Com, you can propose your delegates to promote your events with their social accounts. When enabled, the social functionalities are directly available on your registration websites for the registering participants to use.