A self-service portal for every stakeholder

Every stakeholder of your event can access his web-based personal dashboard, and manage his attendance, book services, retrieve documents, for a smooth experience.

  • Generated by default, and customizable to fit your needs
  • Personal documents, bookings, questionnaires, communications...
  • Login with B-Com or social networks accounts


An interactive branded interface for your delegates


The event portal is a self-service area for all registered participants, community members & other stakeholders. They access their portal with their login and password or social network account to modify their registration, update their bookings, answer questionnaires, check the emails they have received, or download documents.


Documents contain dynamic content and are generated in real time. B-Com generates automatically hotel vouchers, invoices and receipts, certificates of attendance, personal itineraries, or any other document set-up in the back office of B-Com. External documents such as flight tickets or general information are uploaded in batch into participant’s profiles and made available on their personal portal.


The event portal also enables delegates to return to their personal schedule created on the online program or to their abstract(s). The event portal enhances the delegates’ satisfaction by providing them all the information they need to plan their event participation in one place


The event portal is generated automatically by B-Com; it is however possible to customize its layout and branding in order to fit your visual identity and display content pages, custom links, registration links, web file links, news, online Program, etc... With B-Com event portal, event planners offer their delegates a smooth registration and event attendance planning, thus decreasing the number of requests / questions event planners would normally have to deal with.

Putting self-service in use


Any stakeholder who is registered for an event or in a community has access to a personal self-service dashboard where he can manage his attendance. This automation drastically lowers the time spent to share information and documents with third parties, and is widely used in B-Com. 

The advanced business logic that can be defined for documents generation, communications, questionnaires, truly simplifies the way event planners interact with any stakeholder.

Use case 1: visa letter

A participant has asked for a visa letter to enter the country (this can be a free or paid service). The document is automatically generated and available at his convenience on his personal dashboard.

Use case 2: paid document

A delegates directory is made available for an exhibitor on his self-service area after purchasing & payment has been made.

Use case 3: Speakers charges

A questionnaire for speakers to declare their personal charges is made available on their personal dashboard to gather the financial data required to proceed to reimbursements.