Exceptional on-site features, at the reach of everyone

Delivery is the ultimate and most important part of the event executionWe take this seriously and help you achieve excellence on-site with a flawless transfer of data from the first registrations to the badge printing, it becomes easier to handle tens, hundreds or thousands of participants at once.

Managing logistical aspects, printing and delivering attendees’ badges or any other material and document needed are important challenges of this phase. Continuous communications with delegates during onsite are ensured through B-Com Mobile App thanks to information feeds, real time information updates and peer-to-peer interaction. We bring a large set of features dedicated to enhance the participants' experience on-site while lowering the workload of on-site staff, thanks to a large expertise in technology integration. 

Event Mobile App

Whether it is to read the program, select sessions to attend, get one's way on the interactive map, attendees are accompanied on-site by the event mobile app.

Self-Service kiosks

Self-service kiosks are a convenient way for visitors to retrieve their delegate documents, register and pay, answer survey, or subscribe to new activities and services while at the event.

Badge Printing

Efficient badge printing on-site is crucial when dealing with large events, B-Com brings the technology to handle badge printing at small and large scales.