Easily handle badge printing for thousands


Branded badge sheets with participant access badge and activity vouchers are configured directly from B-Com, to automate the generation of personalized documents on large scale. For each participant, the required documents will be generated based on the services that he purchased or registered for.

Badges can be printed prior or during the conference, individually or in batch, according to pre-defined criteria such as participant’s profile, or group reference number. B-Com document generation business logic combined with advanced printing management provide automatic attendees’ document management and printing even in complex scenarios.


Some examples of badge management 

e-Badges & online badge printing

For a paperless experience, badges are available on the mobile application of your event, granting participants with an access to the activities they have registered for. Alternatively, for those who prefer paper versions, you can make badges available for download to your participants on the event portal once they connect to their personal space or sent by email, so that they can print badges at home for more convenience.

Group Badge printing

It is common that groups of delegates from organizations or universities attend events together, in which case the management of these delegates is often managed by a person in charge. Group badge printing enables to produce the required documents and provide them to the person in charge to distribute them, lowering the amount of work needed for the group.

The group badge printing is also used to print the exhibitor staff badges and distribute them to the person in charge of the booths.

On-site document printing

For all cases that necessitate more interaction with the participants, an interface for on-site hostesses is available to quickly retrieve the participant's information and print their badges and other documents.

Alternatively, the self-service kiosks are a good way to lower the staff workload on-site


How B-com is different on badge printing


With its common database, B-Com enables

  • - A consistent flow of data transferred from online registration, delegates management done by the staff, and on-site.
  • - Staff with minimum training to handle new registrations and deliver attendees’ document and material on site
  • - Attendees to register for new services and print their personal documents (self-registration kiosks)

  • Keeping it simple usage for your on-site staff

    B-Com interface for pre-registered delegates is highly customizable. Staff with minimum training can search a participant in order to display his/her profile with its corresponding bookings, payment status, and instructions for delivering material and documents.
    In addition B-Com provides very useful tools to deliver badges and material in batch to group leaders, increasing the event organization efficiency and improving attendees’ experience.
    • Group batch document printing
    • Group pick up schedule
    • Group pick up reports : summary of bookings, event documents and material quantities to be distributed, list of group members with corresponding bookings