On-site self-service kiosks

Enhance your attendees' experience
Lower your workload on-site
No data export required


Create a customized interface with the features to automate on-site delegates management.



Empower delegates for self-management


People are more and more appealed by self-service approach enabled by technologies, not only when they check-in for their flights. While they are pleased to manage their own attendance and enjoy shorter waiting lines at events, self-service kiosks lower considerably your workload during the event, so you can focus on what really matters.

B-Com generates for you a self-service web based interface that can be displayed on the devices of your choice (3rd party provider) during the event. With an authentication based on the account's credential or by scanning the delegate attendance's confirmation bar code (either on paper or on the event mobile app), the self-service areas provides attendees with the most common services they would need.


Retrieving and printing their documents

Self-service kiosks enable participants to print out any document made available on-site, autonomously. This is convenient as it is common that badges are printed on-site, but the interface can also be used for other types of documents such as a certificate of attendance to the event, or vouchers to attend specific activities. 

Any type of delegate document can be defined in B-Com and generated automatically for each participant

Subscribing and paying for additional services

Just like the registration website, delegates can register for any services you decide to make available on-site, and book activities or attendance to sessions at the last minute. Thanks to the very fine tuned pricing of services, you can add special fees for late bookings on-site.
Examples of application:
- Additional services can be promoted to registered participants on-site
- Registration to other communities such as association membership can be promoted on-site

Registering or buying tickets on-site

If your events enable visitor to register on-site, the whole registration process is at the visitors' reach on-site to widen the potential subscription. An example could be a delegate upgrading his registration to access specific services.

Accessing their bookings and personal information

Delegates can access their bookings and activities from the self-service kiosks, check on their balance, and also have access to their whole profile information and can update and manage their profile as wanted.

Consulting the programme on-site

A dynamic up-to-date version of the programme is made available on-site at your event so that delegates can consult what is going on at anytime, this programme is also available on the event mobile application.

Answering questionaires & giving feed-back

With B-Com it is possible to collect feedback during and after your events. The feedback questionnaires are customizable and available for the participants on the self-services kiosks, on the event websites, and on the mobile app. You can decide to make them accessible to all, or only to certain parts of your audience, which makes complex analysis available.