Exhibitors management


Easing management of exhibitors


Sponsors and exhibitors often represent an important source of revenues for events, and as such, B-Com enables professional meeting planners to manage conference exhibitors and sponsors, while providing them with self-service participation management and communication tools online.

A community portal is directly available for every exhibitor to manage their attendance, build their company profile, purchase booth services, and interact with their stakeholders (invite guests, communicate with present staff,...) so that they can plan their participation at the event and optimize their presence.  



Interactive booth booking on the exhibitor registration portal

Registration for exhibitor is tailored to the needs that are anticipated by the event planning team, and services for exhibitors of any kind can be integrated in the registration process.
B-Com helps you automate services booking to lower the time needed to manage exhibitors, and ensure a better event preparation.

The exhibitors participating to your events are able to:

- View dedicated information on the conference website 

- Book exhibition space on an interactive exhibition floor plan

- Book sponsorship items

- Pay online or receive their invoice with bank transfer request

- Manage their company profile on the self-service area (will automatically feed the list of exhibitors in B-Com mobile app and website)

- Manage their communities of invitees and staff on their community portal

- Access dynamic reports and documents online

- Use B-Com lead retrieval* to create and manage their own lead retrieval questionnaires:

  1. - Use the questionnaire(s) on site to capture visitors’ information (need to rent scanning devices)
  3. - View/analyse/export questionnaire results using the online reporting functionalities

*Partner technology provider


Promoting the exhibitor presence


B-Com provides a set of online tools for exhibitors to optimize their participation and return on investment at your event.
A flexible invitation feature allowing exhibitors and  sponsors to invite delegates whether it is a paid service or not. They can also manage their own team of collaborators who will be attending the event, participating to the booths animation, or invite leads to visit them at the event. They can also build a profile public to gain visibility on your event (published on the mobile app for example). Once on-site, exhibitors can enjoy a lead-retrieval system to rapidly get participants information (external provider).


Inviting guests & staff

Nominative and access code based invitations can be sent by exhibitors to their stakeholders from their community portal. They can either take in charge the registration fees or offer it to the concerned stakeholders.

Building a public profile

The public profile is displayed on the event portal and the event mobile app directly generated by B-Com. It includes general information, showcases, participation to sessions, and can be translated in any language to fit the target audience.


Sponsoring activities & services for stakeholders

Exhibitors can sponsor activities and services to stakeholders directly from their portal, such as networking activities, hotel, or transportation. 

Lead retrieval

A service of lead retrieval can be offered or sold to exhibitors to gather smoothly information on the leads they generate during the event. Custom questionnaires are built from their portal administration and directly available on mobile devices on-site (external provider).