Group Management

Enable groups self-management

Group -or community- management is implemented natively in B-Com to help you handle numerous cases more easily while increasing the level of services and decreasing your workload.
You configure B-Com to generate a community portal that will be managed by people of your choices (the group leaders), and can take the lead and interact with the different members of the group, book services and attribute them, share documents, or invite new members. Finances are managed at both group and individual levels enabled by an advanced financial configuration.

Group management features

Conference organizers need to manage groups of participants that are sponsored either by the conference (faculty, VIPs...) or by third parties (corporates inviting clients for instance).

B-Com offers online and offline group management features such as:

Creating a group of participants
Assigning one or several group leaders with different roles (registered or not at the event)
• Creating block reservations
Creating group members (imported or invited)
Assigning/un-assigning reservations to group members (manually or automatically)
Assigning additional reservations not sponsored by group (financially differentiated)
Creating documents for group leader and group members
• Allowing group leader(s) to manage group on community portal
Organizing group pick-up of documents and material (see section event delivery)
Track and report on changes performed on group members
• And much more...

The community portal provide various tools to manage a group of members or participants

Delegate & group members documents

When dealing with a large volume of events and participants, it is of outmost importance to industrialise the communication with delegates. With B-Com, meeting planners will benefit from a very efficient feature for generating, managing and delivering all kind of documents including badges to event participants and community members during the entire event life cycle.
Documents can be:

• Generic: same for all participants such as instructions to access the venue or health and safety instructions
• Custom: with dynamic content for each participant or community member such as a personal itinerary, a visa invitation letter, or a flight ticket
• External Document generated outside of B-Com and uploaded in batch or individually to each participant (for example flight tickets)

Documents are generated and distributed:
- as an attachment to the confirmation email
- As a download link posted on the personal event portal
- As a print, delivered onsite (when applicable)

All kind of dynamic document can be designed and then automatically generated by B-Com for each participant.

Somes business cases to illustrate

The following business cases are far from being exhaustive and illustrate how flexible B-Com is when managing events of any type.

Exhibitor portal

A conference organizer has to handle a large amount of exhibitors and for a matter of efficiency, the decision is taken to enable more self-service to exhibitors.
Each registering exhibitor will be given the status of group leader, and is given an access to his exhibition portal.
From there, he can:
- Invite guests to visit the booths and manage his staff (register them, order badges, communicate with them...)
- Upload the necessary documents for his exhibition (signed agreements, logos, pamphlets, etc.)
- Book all exhibitors services (sponsorship opportunities, electricity, etc.)
- invite employees to participate to the booth animation, with a manager's approval required.
- Book services and attribute them to members (sessions attendance, hotel nights, etc.)

Press management

As public relation is a crucial matter for his annual congress, an event planner decides to set-up a community portal managed by several Press Officers to communicate with the journalists.
The press members request for accreditations and are validated by the event staff collaboratively through a customized reviewing interface before confirmation of their press accreditation.

From the online community portal dedicated to journalists, the Press Officers can:
- Share specific documents with journalists
- Communicate individually at the group level with the group members.
- Book activities dedicated to the press members 

VIP Management

For an event to come, a meeting planner takes advantage of the online community portal to manage a group of VIP guests using the web-based interfaces, allowing him to work on-the-go.

From the community portal, he is able to:
- Directly communicate with the guests
- Attribute activities and services to specific guests.

- Promote specific activities and services dedicated to these guests.

- Evaluate and refund the daily charges declared by the guests.

- Provide VIPs with their travel documents, and communicate all information necessary for a smooth and pleasant experience.