Accommodation Management



Managing your own accommodation marketplace


B-Com's housing management enables our clients to manage their own database of hotels, yet benefit from external databases of hotels thanks to integration with online travel agencies and Global Distribution Systems.

The hotels' database includes extensive company profiles with descriptions, pictures, inspection trips reports, links to parent companies and contacts, links to accounting, or any additional custom informaton necessary to provide your organization with up-to-date information on your vendors. 


Event Housing Supplier (hotels) Management and profile

With B-Com, our clients can manage their contracts, inventory and pricing for each event they need to offer accommodation. Housing inventory available to participants is then published on B-Com's online accommodation marketplace with a dynamic display of offers.

While it is possible to customize the pricing, payment and conditions conditions, availability per target audience, or marketing content, participants enjoy advanced filters to easily find the most suitable housing option, book online and pay together with the rest of the event services they book. Accommodation can also be offered free of charge to specific categories of participants, or to an entire audience sponsored to attend the event.

Whether meeting planners are seeking to help event delegates plan their participation at yothie event, or strengthening their revenues by providing their own marketplace of hotel booking, B-Com provides a range of housing management tools to enhance accommodation offering, and automate accommodation management for both individuals and groups of participants.


Participants are able to browse hotels offered by the event with search criteria such as availability, location, price, or facilities available. B-Com hotel search engine is able to display a comprehensive profile for each hotel, as well as low availability notifications, banners indicating special offers, multiple pricing options per room, and much more!

Hotels can be displayed according to advanced ranking rules. Attractiveness and procurement parameters such as discount percentage, special offers, availibility, cancellation fees, or room block release deadlines will trigger the hotel positioning on the search engine.


  • Perfectly fitting to the event or organisation's visual identity, and highly customisable.
  • High degree of configuration, to handle the most complex inventory and pricing business logics
  • Integration with the event website and the registration webportal(s) 



Integrating hotels from Online Travel Agencies


Managing accommodation for a conference is labor intense and not always so profitable. Accommodation managers are continouesly concerned with inventory management, payment deadlines and cancellation charges. Mitigating risk while ensuring profitability of operations is sometimes a stressful job!  

Thanks to its integration capabilities, B-Com enables replacing or complementing a list of contracted hotels with external inventories from Online Travel Agencies.

  • Offer more choice of hotels offering a larger choice to event delegates and encourage them to book on your event website
  • Hotels from the Online Travel Agency are displayed among contracted hotels (customized ranking and promotional tools to enhance contracted hotels’ visibility)
  • TripAdvisor© ratings, real time inventory 

Use cases of the Online Travel Agencies integration

When delegates are tempted to shop around

A -  A few weeks before the event, your contracted hotels are almost fully booked, only 4 hotels are left available for booking, and the accommodation pickup is slowing down. You probably do not have enough choice available so your congress participants are tempted to search more accommodation options on an online booking agency. Opening your external inventory provider (Online Travel Agency) to add inventory to your own list of hotels will allow offering a larger choice to delegates and encourage them to book on your website. Using promotional offers and ranking tools, you can enhance your remaining contracted hotels’ visibility to make sure they are sold first.

B - You do not have any more 3 stars hotels available in your inventory. You know from previous congresses that a large proportion of participants usually book in this price range, but unfortunately you could not contract enough rooms on those hotels. You open your external inventory provider (Online Travel Agency) to add 3 stars hotels choice to your list of contracted hotels and encourage participants to book on your website.


When you want to mitigate risk

You organize an event in a destination where you have little knowledge of the hotel market, and you do not want to take the risk of contracting hotels. You thus decide to contract only one hotel for VIPs and your open your external inventory provider (Online Travel Agency) to offer accommodation booking to other participants.