B-Com Mobile App Factory enables you to create your own mobile apps in a few clicks


Within the platform B-Com, you can create and publish powerful native mobile applications by yourself without specific programming knowledge. You can create as many apps as you want, whether they are dedicated to events, to targeted audience within an event (staff, exhibitors,...) or to an entire community outside of the scope of an event. The deep integration of MAF in B-Com allows automating the publication and updates (instant updates) of the event's content, managed and centralized in B-Com.


Mobile applications generated by B-Com are native on both Android and iOS, ensuring optimal coverage of mobile devices. Running natively on the mobile devices, the apps generated with MAF ensure an access offline, an optimized user experience, a fast execution of the application, and an optimal data synchronization.



Enhance your delegates' experience


Mobile apps are a powerful way to offer more information and interactivity to your community members and event participants. With B-Com mobile app, publishing and updating the event's content in your audience’s hands is made more accurate and efficient, providing a new format for event programs, replacing advantageously traditional congress bag by making all bag content (final program, abstract book, maps, promotional inserts, invitations…) available on participant’s devices.




Interactive floorplans

Sessions and exhibitors managed into B-Com are displayed on interactive floorplans, allowing participants to easily find out what happens, where and when.


Mobile app users can easily build up their own agenda that will synchronise with their phone agenda, while staying informed of any program change


Delegates can access their bookings, e-badge and personal information on their mobile device in real time.



A flexible platform with exciting usage perspectives

The way we designed MAF with a very flexible system of HTML based displays allows you to embed interactive features from the provider(s) of your choice, enabling real interactivity between your audience and your management team., speakers, or any other stakholder. Such interactive features can enhance your service notably through the following example: ​

  • Live questions poling that can be sorted on the fly, selected, and answered by the speaker directly during a session.
  • Videos channels to provide video supports to your participants.
  • Discussion forums for your attendees to exchange before, during, and after your events.
  • Live survey, where the audience can be involved in the way the session or conference evolves.
  • Live vote, where users of the mobile app can vote for a session, abstract, or others.

What makes MAF so unique


Being totally integrated in B-Com community and event management platform, MAF enables important gains of time and energy, as any change made to the event content in B-Com is immediately available to the mobile app. Click here to read more about the benefits of integration.

Ease to set-up and update

B-Com MAF enables meeting planners without specific IT skills to create and manage their own mobile apps, through an user-friendly edition interface. Specific content is edited in word-like editor.

Strong native features

MAF includes natively strong features that are ahead of the market standards, providing important value to the end-users.



Sharing has never been so simple


What automation means to us

We bring real automation of data sharing to the event mobile app market, through a complete integration with our event management platform. B-Com enables you to put the event content of your choice in your delegates' palm, while retrieving data from the crowd through interractive features (survey, live poling, comments).

Every information sharing or retrieving is one click away in B-Com, so you manage it all in-house.



Community Apps


When seeking to strengthen your communication on the long term with your event or community stakeholders, a mobile app that lasts over the years is a great way to gather people around your organization and let them interact, whether it is with you or between them. B-Com enables you to publish  community apps, encompassing multiple apps dedicated to events, activities or groups of your community,


Mobile Application Factory allows: 

  • Engaging and interacting with the entire community or targeted parts throughout the year
  • Promoting your organization and its events
  • Providing interaction among event stakeholders and community members


Thanks to MAF unique community approach, any user is part of one or several communities which gives access to specific information, discussion groups, documents and peer-to-peer interactions.

MAF features list


Publishing a mobile app for an event greatly increases the reach and interaction you have with your audience, along with automating many tasks. Through the mobile app, you can easily setup core features that can have a direct impact on your business revenues, the onsite experience of your event delegates, and the management of your event.


Provides a list of sessions and activities, organized by day. A search function enables to retrieve sessions and activities of interest with one or several keywords. When selecting a session or activity, its corresponding description, timing, location on the interactive floor plans and speaker information are available to the user.



Provides a complete list of presentations and abstracts categorized by topics. When selecting an abstract, the entire abstract is available for reading (if enabled), and the user can access related session and author(s) information.



Upon authentication (with B-Com username and password or social login), the user retrieves her/his registration and bookings details (hotel reservations, session booking, etc.)



Upon authentication (with B-Com username and password or social login) user retrieves hi/her electronic congress badge (bar code for lead retrieving and access check)



Provides a list of exhibitors, sponsors or partners. When selecting a company, its corresponding description, showcases and location on map are displayed and available for selection.



Provides a list of stakeholders of the conference such as speakers, chairmen, exhibitors. Upon selection of a profile, the corresponding biography, presentations (or abstracts) and sessions (or activities) in which he/she is involved are displayed and available for selection. It is also possible to contact people by email.


Feeds & push

Provides a list of all information feeds received for the event. Information feeds and notifications can be sent to all users or to targeted users only, allowing for instance to inform about a session or activity that is about to start.



Users can retrieve content that was marked as a favorite from the other features, and thus quickly access information of interest


Information page

Any HTML content organized in an unlimited hierarchy of page



Provides a rating functionality with the possibility to capture comments. Single or multiple rating options are available. Surveys are available in the context of sessions, abstracts and sessions’ actors.


Maps / Floor plans

Provides interactive floor plans and maps showing session’s activities, exhibitors or any other location of interest. When selecting a location on the map, the corresponding sessions and activities are displayed. Floor plan directions can be configured to help event participants find their way between meeting rooms or exhibition booth


Deep Search

Search any type of content in all features and at all level


Interactive features

Embed interactive features from the web, opening new perspectives in term of interaction.