Application Programming Interface (API)
Integrate with external software

Connect B-Com with your current solutions


Connecting and integrating B-Com to external systems (CRM, Social Media, Content replay, Financial system, etc.) is crucial for many of our clients. In this sense we developed a range of APIs. If there is no API developed for your system yet, we can develop one on demand, charges may be supported either from the client or from both ourselves and the client depending of the finality of the API.
The Application Programming Interface (API) of B-Com evolves continuously, expanding the capabilities of B-Com in integrating with features that are not natively present.

• The development using web standards (REST web services) makes it very easy to use and accessible from many development languages (JavaScript, .NET, PHP, etc.).

• Communication between external third party applications and B-Com is done in a secure, automated and efficient way

Why integrate with 3rd party software?

  • Automate & streamline the information flow
  • Facilitate the users experience
    (e.g. external login authentication)
  • Single sign-on to access several platforms
  • Data consolidation across platforms
  • New perspectives of usage