The Master List offers flexibility for stakeholders management

Whether you are managing an event or a community with B-Com, the Master list is THE powerful tool that enables managing the list of participants and members on a single interface. It also allows managing new reservations, modifications or cancellations in bulk either from the rich back-office client or the versatile Excel® export/import.

The Master list offers a flat view of all participants with their corresponding information (profile, answers to questionnaires, bookings). With B- Com Master List, it is possible to view any group of individuals thanks to powerful -advanced filters. Once customized, the master list can be saved for further usage. you can export the entire list, the filtered list or the empty template to excel.

The master list tools provide all controls necessary to ensure the data added or modified does not alter the database once imported, as B-Com import wizard checks the accuracy of data to identify changes and asks the user to confirm changes before finalizing the import. It reports any errors in the import file and proposes the user to correct them before finalizing the import

The Master list is the ideal tool to manage groups of participants as its functionalities are available not only in the B-Com back-office but also on the community portals to enable group leaders to manage their groups themselves. Thanks to its export & import capabilities, the master list is widely used to manage delegates and community member offline during the planning phase or on-site.

Improving productivity by using the Master List:

o For excel/statistics usage 
o For import usage => enables fast & flexible batch updates
o To create new participants (individuals and group members)
o To modify existing participants’ profile
o To assign or unassign reservations
o To modify reservations (number, dates...)
o To update answers to questionnaires