Surveys and Feedback capabilities

Reaching attendees and gathering feedbacks

Information is the base to continuous improvement, and the better you know your event and community stakeholders, the better you are able to answer their needs and improve their experience. Using B-Com, you can generate targeted surveys and publish them on one or several channels, while consolidating the results in a single tool. 


Three paths to collect feedbacks


While traditional paper surveys are disappearing, the question one must ask today is by which channel will more effective to reach delegates and to get them to answer a survey. In this sense, B-Com provides three different ways to display and collect surveys, with results consolidated independently of the channel used.


Event Mobile App

Surveys are available on the mobile app to get feedbacks during the event. Results are consolidated on an Excel sheet and include:

- Surveys on the program content directly available from the abstracts display
- Surveys on the sessions available from each session page
- Surveys on the speakers performance available on the speakers' profiles.

Self-service kiosks

You can display any kind of survey on your event self-service kiosks. Gather your delegates' feedback to get a better view on their experience while they are on-site.

Survey can be anonymous or linked to the respondent's demographics (retrieving profile information) to increase the perspectives of analysis. 

Event & Community portals

You can gather information and demographics on your delegates during their registration and after, thanks to the modulable event portal.

Surveys are also available on community portals, so your stakeholders (exhibitors and other) can gather their own data on their community and audience.