Online registration portals



B-Com helps you build registration portals that are totally customizable to fit with any specific registration needs ( business logic, delegate information, services to be sold, etc.)

Delegate’s experience is improved and personalized with dynamic content adapted to his profile, as well as a service catalog that includes registration fees, activities, sessions, hotels, excursions fitting him right.

On the other side, the whole business logic behind the registration (pricing, allotments, communications, etc.) is automated to lower the event planner's workload.

B-Com sets registration managers a few clicks away from online registration portals without any specific IT knowledges.

You can generate as many registration portals as you need, highly customized to your business needs, so that each of your participants will enjoy a personalised registration experience. 

  • Your own online registration portals, published in a few minutes
  • Perfectly fitting to the event or organisation's visual identity, and highly customisable
  • High degree of configuration, to handle the most complex business logics
  • Integration for a seamless transfer of data along with the event life cycle

Covering all registration needs from end to end


 Offer several options for login

B-Com offers the possibility to registering delegates to:
- Register to an event without creating an account (if enabled by the registration manager)
- Register by creating an account (consolidated in your common database)
- Register by login with their social network account

It is also possible to enable group registration and accompanying person registration from the same portal.





Gather the information you need from your delegates

B-Com's powerful questionnaire feature provides unmatched flexibility and efficiency in capturing delegates information, content and feedbacks and in ensuring a smooth and personalized registration process. You can define as many questionnaires as you need, and organize a logic behind, with specific communication or documents triggered by the responses of the delegate.

Every questionnaire can lead to automated tasks based on the logic you define behind them. As an example, you may ask registering journalists for a Press ID that, once verified through the collaborative participant review portal, will update the participant's status as a journalist visitor and make available specific services and information.




Sell your services along with the registration

You can define as many services as you need, and organize them to control what will be displayed when and where. The strong flexibility of the services managed in B-Com enables to commercialize any kind of services such as a visa letter, attendance to a session or activity, transportation, support documents, and associate advanced pricing rules based on many criteria (delegate profile, time of the booking, vouchers, and so on).




Manage & display your own accommodation marketplace

From within B-Com, you can manage your own marketplace of accommodation displayed on the registration portal, and automate the communication with your housing suppliers based on the bookings made.
The module of accommodation marketplace is directly linked to your suppliers management interface allowing to quickly retrieve the required information, and publication of the selected hotels is done in a few clicks.




Integrated check-out

B-Com integrates natively different payment methods within the registration process, and offers the following methods:
• Bank Transfer
• Check
• Credit Card / Debit Card:  3D secure
• Cash: On-Site registration