Social networks integration


Seize the power of social networks


The place of social networks and media in everyone's life is constantly expanding. B-Com offers one of the strongest login integration with public social networks found on the market, available for the networks Linkedin®, Twitter®, Facebook®, Gmail™, Yahoo!® and Windows Live™ in order to reach as many people as possible. With its community management module, B-Com also enables you to manage your own private network (community), where you and your members can interact.

The social features of B-Com helps event planners to increase attendance thanks to viral marketing and improve attendees’ experience by providing useful information in real time: are my contacts attending this session? Are they planning to stay an extra night to visit the city? Will this great researcher be there?

Other cases of usages are available, such as the ability for an author to directly retrieve a co-author information from his network when submitting an abstract.

With B-Com, attendees are able to easily connect with their social network account instead of creating a new profile every time they attend an event. Their information will be automatically pre-filled which will simplify their registration.

So far, the four pillars of social integration in B-Com a the following:


Social account authentification

Offer your attendees the opportunity to log-in to your event portal with their social network account, with an automatic profile information retrieval and advanced privacy settings.


Participants are invited to share their attendance to the event on their social networks, contributing to promoting your event. Sharing messages directly on the social network of their choice is integrated on your different web portals, to easily share your event content with peers.


B-Com includes a unique social-based hotel and activities suggestion feature that helps participants decide where to stay and what to do during your event.

Profile information retrieval

Participants can import their contacts from chosen social networks, to retrieve their information and easily register an accompanying person or an abstract co-author.