Advanced reporting capabilities to gather insights


Event organizers and community managers need to monitor many metrics such as registrations, allotments, payments, attendance, and more. B-Com offers many built-in reports as well as custom reports generated from data views and pivot tables. Any report can be customized with predefined and custom parameters. They are made available to any stakeholder through the use of reporting portals.

More than extracting generic data, event professionals are also able to analyze and measure the success of events thanks to built-in customizable reports such as:

  • cost and revenue analysis,
  • number of attendees per activity,
  • clients' & suppliers' account statements,
  • resource use analysis
  • project performance analysis,
  • social media usage statistics,
  • profit & loss statements,
  • and hundreds of other predefined reports

Sharing reports

Data is meant to be shared with the right people to gain value. As a result, reporting websites are configurable in B-Com to share specific reports to stakeholders.

Access to specific reporting websites can be granted to budget owners, program managers, registration & hotel managers, clients, suppliers, partners, and any other stakeholder...


Business Intelligence tool



B-Com has built-in advanced reporting and data analysis capabilities. It enables meeting planners to compute multi-events statistics and extract KPIs about communities and events managed in B-Com. The reporting possibilities offered by the xRM approach are virtually infinite, allowing, for instance, extracting information focusing on global suppliers or recurring attendees.


Using Microsoft Excel® Export, analysis not yet available in B-Com can be achieved. No matter the quantity or type of B-Com information to be analyzed, it is available through a « dataview » that can be extracted at any time. With these pre-configured reports,

B-Com is the everyday leading BI tool for your organization. It enhances performance by giving access to very complex data collections and combinations usable right away in a very simple and flexible way.

Some example of reports generated with B-Com

Budget reports

Display relevant information on budgets.

Cash flow statement

Have a real time view of your event cash flow.

Invoices & payment

Check on finances & distribution of revenues

Registrations statistics

Get real-time statistics on your registrations.

Smartly share reports


Communicating meaningful and up-to-date data to various stakeholders is a challenge for many event and community managers.

We cater this need by the generation of unlimited reporting websites providing reporting content that is customized to a specific audience. The use of reporting websites enables you to automatically make available a range of statistical reports to the people of your choice.

                Reporting portals are fully customizable to help you share what you need with the right person


Use case: accomodation suppliers reporting website

John is in charge of accommodation management for the up-coming conference ringing together over 600 participants and 50 VIP guests for who he arranged accommodation and transport. While most participants booked their accommodation on the event registration website, John has managed accommodation bookings for the guests. About 15 hotels are contracted to fit the participants' tastes.

 As the guest have not yet informed on their exact arrival date, John still knows he will need to update the booking allotments later on.
Thanks to the rooming list reports and the reporting portals capabilities, John sets-up a reporting portal and send the credentials to each contact from the hotel so that information sharing is automated.