Tuesday, February 23, 2016

B-Com version 2.11

The Housing & Accommodation Module further enriches with a full featured Hotel Procurement component. Designed to help dealing with hotel contracts, this group of features has a direct, concrete, relevant impact on the revenue stream generated from the housing activity. Any organizer has now the tool to tightly control release dates and conditions, rooms’ stock volumes and cancellation terms, and apply them automatically to the sales conditions and to the hotel ranking within the booking process.


Hotel Procurement

As far as the negotiation with hotels managers come to an agreement, the event organizer or the DMC in charge can now generate standardized contract documents by simply defining in B-Com the main terms such as the purchasing prices, the release dates, the cancellations fees and related timings.

The system applies intelligently this information across the whole Housing module, calculating in each moment the profitability of every room and showing alerts before the deadlines. This information is applied to automatically modify the ranking of each room on the base of the margins it generates at a given time.