Wednesday, October 26, 2016

B-Com version 3.0

The entire B-Com team is proud to announce one of the most revolutionary versions of B-Com ever presented to the market. The B-Com v3 features a web back-office and a totally revised user experience, studied to improve efficiency and ease of use. The new version, designed to be responsive and accessible from any device, comes with a brand new set of amazing features that will simplify and speed up any back-office users’ daily work, while improving the experience of each event’s participant. The launch of the web back-office comes with relevant improvements of the registration websites, both in terms of look & feel and functionalities.


New web back-office

The new B-Com Back-Office is designed to further increase efficiency in daily operations while completely re-positioning the system in terms of usability and intuitiveness. We present in the full announcement the most relevant new features such as the extended templating functionalities, the plain text deep search engine, the improved set of wizards for a quick event set-up and the new CMS to generate best-in-class event websites.

Registration website

B-Com version 3.0 also adds a new registration website that provides many interesting improvements together with an updated look & feel.. It comes with a built-in responsive design and further extends its already outstanding configuration features.