Monday, August 7, 2017

B-Com version 3.1

It is with great pride that we announce the new version 3.1 of our software. With this version, our users will benefit from three new major features:

- The Abstract module has been enriched with new features and simplified in the usability, is now available in the web back-office.

- The flexibility on prices has been further expanded through the “percentage pricings”, a new powerful feature allowing to add organizers fees, discounts or surcharges on credit card payment working dynamically with percentages or fixed amounts.

- The new built-in “expense claim” feature allowing to collect, review and reimburse participants’ expenses in a structured and efficient way.



The Abstract module web back-office

The process of transferring the entire system from a Windows back office to a web back office proceeds steadily. The version 3.1 of B-Com allows to configure and manage abstracts from the web back office in a new, improved ergonomy, bringing easier and more efficient management of the entire abstracts submission and reviewing processes.


The “percentage pricing”

B-Com version 3.1 introduces three new features allowing an even bolder flexibility when presenting the price of services:

- Organizer fees allows adding a fixed or dynamically computed amount on top of participants and groups reservations’ price.
- Discounts allows subtracting a fixed or dynamically computed amount on top of participants and groups reservations’ price.
- Payment method surcharges allows surcharging the usage of specific payment methods.


The Expense claim feature

 The new Expense claim feature allows to control the full process around the reimbursement due to speakers, employees or other participants having right. In special ways, it provides tools to:

- Claim management: invite those who have the right to claim reimbursement into a dedicated web area for a limited amount of time, offering the possibility to complete the expense request with accepted currencies, and upload the justification papers.
- Grant management: the system allows to define for each participant the maximum value of the grant.
- Reimbursement management: the organizer of the event or other external stakeholders can check the claims online, and can approve each request integrally, partially or just deny it.
- Payment management the approved amounts generate a document compliant with the bank standards, this document can be transferred or uploaded to the company bank to execute payments straight away.