We provide all professional services needed to support in the implementation and usage of an enterprise level platform of the size of B-Com.


Quality and partnering are key to our company


Our range of services are meant to fit your business needs

We offer much more than just software. Our experienced project team, consisting of events industry savvies, skilled consultants and talented software engineers, will provide all services needed for a successful implementation of our technology.

 Support is done by our expert engineers

  • Our consulting services bring both a business and an IT approach to your organization
  • In a win-win approach, we co-finance some projects that you may have
  • We are dedicated to improving your business with our software


Consulting and Implementation

We provide consulting to understand our clients processes, and identify the path for an optimal implementation. As we know meeting planners are busy people and do not always have the internal resources to lead a new technology implementation, configure a system, analyse how the technology will integrate with the existing processes, we support the deployment of our technology with a consultative approach and a strong proximity, so that it is streamlined and efficient, without impacting the workflow of our clients.


We offer highly secure hosting on our servers, included in our basic software license (SaaS), along with third party software licenses and ongoing maintenance. Our clients who opt to have B-Com hosted in our environment enjoy high reliability and data security at any time. Thanks to global load balancing performance is never compromised.

• Servers and data centers on every continents.

• Highly secured servers, following Swiss standards of security and privacy.

• Dedicated servers to your organization


We provide custom training for all of our users so that they can maintain the entire platform or even just certain parts thereof, such as the mobile applications or the finance module. Every training session is custom tailored to the business needs of our clients and the profiles of their super-users. Training is complemented with webinars, user manuals and unlimited support. The objective is to get you up and running quickly without disrupting the flow of your day-to-day business.

Global User Support

We have been delivering an excellent support in over 30 countries for the past years, thanks to a close relation to our users. Once users have obtained a certification from our training, they get unlimited direct support from our business consultants who know the platform better than any other and are able to quickly help users from around the world.