What is B-Com?


B-Com is a global community and event management platform that includes all features to bring efficiency and consistency to meeting planners and community managers while improving all stakeholders' experience. When using B-Com, you are empowered to customize and publish all event related interfaces (web, mobile, on-site) in-house in a few clicks, and define you own business logic that rules the features of your events.

B-Com brings amazing innovative features to meeting planners and community managers around the world through 4 major release per year, so that our clients benefits from tools that always ahead of the industry standards.

Along with a enterprise level platform, we provide full training and worldwide support to our users, so they can work efficiently without worrying about technology.

Overview of our platform's features

Our platform features at a glance

Advanced registration platform

Complete solution for delegates and community member registration with customizable settings. Automation of complex business logic.

  • Auto-generated web portals, with full control over their look
  • Customization of participants fields and registration process
  • Delegate profile building
  • Unlimited questionaires
  • Arbitrary profiling of delegates
Invitation tools

Web-based tools to enable meeting planners and any stakeholder to manage efficiently their invitations

  • Web-based and back-office available
  • Advanced filters and invitee selection
  • Access code based or nominative invitation
  • Custom & personalised invitation message
  • Tracking of invitees' responses
Ticketing management

Automate ticketing from purchase to printing

  • Ticket purchase portals
  • Advanced pricing tool
  • Ticket generation (with Bar code)
  • Ticket export for printing or e-ticket creation
Additional services marketplace

Provide your delegates with additional services during your event

  • Flexible definition of services & business logic
  • Advanced pricing and handling fees definition
  • Integration of payment gateway
  • Dynamic accounting link
Accomodation marketplace

Provide your own integrated marketplace for accomodation

  • Auto-generated marketplace
  • Management of room offer
  • Advanced suppliers management
  • Advanced pricing and handling fees definition
  • Integration of payment gateway
  • Suppliers reporting website
Delegates notification

Automate the communications with your participants, along their registration

  • Configurable automated notifications along the registration process
  • Customisable templates for all communications
  • Push notifications on event mobile apps
Documents generator

Automate the generation of your delegates and community members' attendance documents

  • Documents template creation tool
  • Bulk creation of documents
  • Integration of documents in communications and self-services portals
Reporting dashboard

Online displays of in-depth reports on your event registration data

  • Fully customizable reports
  • Real-time statistics & analytics
Advanced registration platform

Complete solution for membership suscription and management.

  • Customization of registration
  • Definition of roles and membership levels
  • Business logic definition
  • Definition of accesses based on levels of membership
  • Privacy settings
Invitation tools

Web-based tools to enable community managers and any stakeholder to manage efficiently their invitations

  • Web-based and back-office available
  • Advanced filters and invitee selection
  • Access code based or nominative invitation
  • Custom & personalised invitation message
  • Tracking of invitees' responses
Integration with our event management platform

Fully integrate your events in a community to better promote them

  • Membership based business logic for event registation
  • Special discounts
  • Ticket generation (with Bar code)
  • Ticket export for printing or e-ticket creation
Community directory

Provide your members with a complete and up-to-date directory. Generate synergies and exchanges within your communities

  • Flexible definition of member information fields
  • Advanced search based on custom filters
  • Advanced privacy management at the member level for information sharing
Member discussions

Engage your members with intuitive discussion tools, at any level

  • One-to-one discussions
  • Group private discussions
  • Community wide discussion forums
  • Moderation tools
  • Integration of payment gateway
  • Suppliers reporting website
Documents & content Management

Share content and encourage contribution at the community level

  • Documents sharing at several levels (one-to-one, group, community, public)
  • Automation of document generation (members letter, certificates, etc.)

Reporting dashboard

Drive your community management wih advanced custom reports  

  • Custom report template definition
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Report sharing to targeted stakeholders on web interface
Abstract & papers submition platform

Advanced self-service portal for content submittion

  • Auto-generated web portal(s)
  • Customisable submission forms
  • Multiple topics & authors management
  • Full control on abstracts templates
  • Payment module for
  • Real-time reports and statistics
Abstract & papers reviewing platform

Collaborative workplace for efficient review of large content

  • Reviewers management Review based on reviewers favorite topics or field of expertise
  • Advanced communication feature with the reviewers
  • Automatic dispatch of abstracts to review to ensure statistical reliability
  • Real-time statistics on the review.
  • Multi-stages acceptance process
online programme - Sessions

Automated generation of dynamic display of content

  • Programme synchronization with abstracts
  • Publication of dynamic programme online
  • Delegates' agenda building tool
  • Multi views with specific display for each delegate profile
  • Online Notification Engine
online programme - abstract

Automated generation of dynamic display of content

  • Abstract formatting
  • Publication in dynamic versions online
  • Personal abstract book building tool for delegates
session manager

Complete tool to build your event agenda based on approved content

  • Multi topics, category, type, role session manager
  • Session timing helper
  • Session actors manager
  • Session location manager
  • Session booking tool for delegates
  • Session export for mobile app
Session masterlist

Ultimate tool for bulk modifications on sessions

  • Import and export of selected sessions
  • Bulk modification

Automated content export and formatting for (e)poster display

  • Customized templates
  • Selection and categorisation of abstracts of interest
  • Export in many file formats


Group management

Enable real group management through web-portals

  • Group portals generation
  • Group member roles management
  • Integrated communication tool
  • Import of participants lists
  • Bulk purchase and attribution of servicesd
  • Group financial management
Invitation management

Web-based invitation management tool

  • Advanced invitation interface
  • Managers approval system for invited guest & staff
  • Real-time invitation response tracking
Exhibitors management

Enable exhibitors to manage their participation and presence through group portals

  • Exhibitor finance management
  • Company profile building
  • Lead retrieval tool integration
  • Booth management
  • Exhibitor communication tool
  • Exhibitor invitation tool
Advanced finance management

Enable groups to manage their finance and their members finance independantly

  • Service booking in bulk
  • Services attribution to members
  • Automated invoicing & payment related communications
On-site documents handling

Streamline badges, tickets, and labels printing

  • Customised templates
  • Bar code and unique identifier management
  • Access control capabilities*
  • Lead retrieval capabilities*
    * (Technology partner)
self-service kiosks interface

On-site interface to set up self-service kiosks at your events

  • Integrated with your event(s) database: real time data access
  • Badge printing, documents retrieval
  • On-site registration, activities booking and payment
  • On-site survey for delegates
  • Profile update available for logged participants
Mobile app factory

Design and generate in-house event or community mobile app

  • Standalone event applications for specific events
  • Community apps for long term communication and community building
  • Customizable theme to fit your visual identity
  • Content display settings
  • Publication on Apple and Google stores (iOS & Android)
Content management system

Automate the publication and update of all your event content

  • Exhibitors, Partners & Sponsors contact lists
  • Interactive floorplan linked to sessions and exhibitors
  • Event Programme display, in different views (per day, location, type, name...)
  • Unlimited ordonned information pages
Communication manager

Reach your delegates in real time through your event mobile app

  • Feeds directed to specific delegates type or all users
  • Push notification on your delegates' and community members' mobiles phones
Interactive features integration (3rd party)

Integrate web features of many providers within your event mobile app

  • Live survey, question poling capabilities
  • Discussion forums embedding

Why chose B-Com?


Initially developed to answer the needs of large event planning agencies, B-Com has evolved and reached new types of users such as associations and corporations that are seeking to improve their community and event management. 


We understand the needs of event organisers

Thanks to its xRM capabilities, B-Com offers a very innovative approach of event management, offering an unmatched flexibility and integrated features for meeting planners and community managers improve their processes and capabilities, while improving the experience of all their stakeholders, through efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

Today, B-Com has enabled many organizations of different size around the globe to seize business opportunities and streamline their processes at an enterprise level.

A global presence

Used in over 30 countries, B-Com has proven itself in helping deliver large volumes of event and manage large communities.

We successfully provide support and training around the world to our users, and accompany them in their quest for innovative features and reliability.

B-Com itself is a platform for the global workplace, handling any type of currency, VAT, language, because no events are the same.


Our offices around the world

The pilars of our solution

  • Empowerment: Users are trained and autonomous, as the technology is designed to fit their needs and working processes. When purchasing B-Com, you are not dependant on an external IT and services provider to use your tools. As such, you are able to generate your registration websites in-house, as well as interactive delegates' dashboard or your events mobile apps.
  • Customization: B-Com is all about making event planners able to manage any kind of event and moving a step further towards automation and integration (websites, web collaborative portals, back-office, mobile apps). 
Industrialization: By industrializing your event management, you do not make them the same, you define data that can be re-used on several levels and across several events, and customized all that need to be. So you get more time to focus on each event uniqueness by smartly re-using data and applying processes.

Security: Whether you decide to host the B-Com platform and database on your servers or enjoy our highly reliable hosting capabilities, all data related to your event remains yours and is protected through encryption and secure access. Payment capabilities are also fitting the industry standard in terms of security, and we take this seriously as we are a Swiss company.