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What if your event mobile apps were on your delegates’ devices all year long?

Published on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What if your event mobile apps were on your delegates’ devices all year long?

A community management approach to event mobile apps



Mobile apps are the most efficient communication channel to your events delegates

Event mobile apps are in the trend more than ever. In October 2014, an MPI survey[1] revealed that 85% of event planners were planning on using mobile apps at their upcoming events. While the improvement of delegate experience during the event is ranked as the top reason for providing mobile apps, one should keep in mind the longer term marketing potential of an event mobile app, especially when evaluating its deployments costs and ROI.


With each event mobile app installed on a participant’s device, you grow your organization’s communication channel, and your opportunities to inform, educate, or promote your organization’s activities. all year long.


Over 80% of delegates own a mobile device, they spend on average 34h per month on their mobile |2|  (U.S. market survey). Added to this fact, in 2014 mobile device users spent 86% of their time on mobile apps vs. only 14% on a traditional mobile web browser|3|. There is no doubt that mobile apps are replacing traditional websites, and have become one of the most effective ways to communicate to an audience.



But how long will your event mobile app remain on delegates’ phones?

Unfortunately the typical lifetime of an event app spans from a few days before the event to a few days after the event! Most Our findings show that about 70% delegates uninstall their event mobile app shortly after the event, and event planners do not continue updating content and communicating though the mobile app after the traditional post-event feedback and thank you messages.


So how can you leverage on your event mobile apps and build a long-lasting mobile communication strategy? Well, you need to think community management, and you need to integrate your event mobile apps into a wider marketing strategy.



The future is community mobile apps!

Organize your events’ mobile apps under a wider but single community mobile app. Each community should have its own target group(s) and corresponding communication flow. Corporations will prefer grouping events by topic (internal, tradeshows, product trainings, Directors meetings, Execs,…) while associations will prefer grouping events by type and by location, (Congresses, trainings, Committees, region, chapter,…).



Once you have these communities in place, you can start combining content updates, push notifications and information feeds to reach your target audience at once, all year long.

Target your messages to your different communities to ensure they are pertinent and engaging. The perspectives of usage are numerous: call for actions, invitations to register to upcoming events, invitation to contribute to program content, and so on.



Effective communication is built on the long term 

A community mobile app will allow for a long lasting direct communication channel to your targeted audience that will be informed of your organization’s events and content directly on their mobile device, anytime, anywhere.


To conclude this article, keep in mind that with the right strategy, your community mobile apps have the potential to become your organization's event content library as well as an engagement platform for your audience..


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