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Automate Word of Mouth on social networks to increase your revenues

Published on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Automate Word of Mouth on social networks to increase your revenues

A research conducted by EventManagerBlog in 2014 over 1335 qualified event professionals showed that 32% respondents used social media for all their events as part of their communication strategy, and another 33% used social media for 50% or more of their events.

This number is to be completed by a research of Pew Research Center from early 2014, that shows that 74 percent of online adults are using social networks, confirming the audience for this communication channel.

Social networks can be used as a tool for organizers to interact manually with the audience, but can also be integrated in a registration system to let delegates interact together, opening viral marketing opportunities.

The fact is, social suggestion is the key factor impacting on one’s decision to do or buy something. When supported by your event management system, it can lead to a Word of Mouth automated by technology, that we are accustomed to as the share and like features present in social networks. An activity or service is perceived as trusted once we know a friend or connection trusts it.

Going further, event management software integrating with social networks can automate this word of mouth by proposing delegates to share what activity they are participating to, which speaker they will meet, or what hotel they are staying at for example.


We can thus differentiate two kind of usage of social network to promote your events and services:

1. Social networks can be used as a direct communication channel to manually:

- Promote the event as a whole or specific activities within the event
- Inform on important deadlines, program updates, special offers,…
- Engage with delegates to contribute to the event’s content


2. Social network integration to the event management software, which can help:

- Retrieve delegates profile information (with their consent) to know better your audience
- Influence decisions of delegates thanks to Automation of word of mouth


Social network integration, when used well, is a great way to promote events and generate extra revenues without raising a finger, just letting the crowd communicate.

Learn more about B-Com integration with social networks by clicking here!

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