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A winning event website starts with a dedicated URL

Published on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A winning event website starts with a dedicated URL

Whether your event is commercial or not, your organization’s image is conveyed through the various communication media you use, including your event website.

URL domain names are important for three main reasons:

  • - Website Accessibility: the URL is the address of your website. When displayed on promotional supports, it must be easy to read, write and to remember.
  • - Search Engine Optimization: URL are included in search engines' algorithms to decide on websites displaying order, a good url fitting your event name (and year) will increase your website ranking, as delegate are likely to type these information when searching for your event.
  • - Professionalism: A website that has a proper website address will look more professional. It is a fact that web visitors are more likely to trust a known url when realizing a transaction over the web.


A well-thought event website will eventually help you communicate better, sell better and create better imapct.   A well-chosen domain name and a consistent URL address structure help you achieve these goals.


First things first, decide where your event websites will be published.

Whether you already own a domain name, or you need to purchase one, make sure your event websites are acessible on a well-chosen domain name, with a coherent syntax.

The main website domain name should be easy to remember and if possible representative of the name of your event (for example If your event is recurring or if your organization offers other events, make sure all domain names are consistent so that your regular stakeholders can easily remember and find the website by typing the name in their browser’s address bar (their web browser will remember the URL). 


Choosing your URL structure

Registration, accommodation booking, abstract submission and reviewing, exhibitor portal or supplier portal are among the websites that your event’s stakeholders will need to access at some point of time.  Decide where on the event website they should be available, and create your URL structure and mapping accordingly. 

Keeping a consistent URL structure may actually become quite challenging if you are using different technologies for different purposes (registration, accommodation, abstracts, exhibitor,…) as you may not be able to redirect the corresponding website(s) on your chosen URL.  If you have not yet selected your technology(ies) for your next event, this is something you might want to check as some delegates are actually reluctant to give their profile information and their credit card details information on websites that do not look official (i.e.


Your domain name must be easy to spell and easy to use on printed material.

Don’t mistake me, I wish all events were paperless nowadays. But let’s be honest, many event planners do still print invitation cards, preliminary programs and various flyers to promote their event and communicate their website to prospected participants and sponsors. 


To sump up

- Decide of a good structure for your domain name

- Be consistent over time if your events are reccurent

- Choose a technology that enables you to use your own dedicated urls



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